Jaeger Pet Freight

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Why Jaeger Pet Freight was Founded

Jaeger Cats Cattery was founded by Clair Jaeger who used to run a Russian cargo airline and oversaw the successful freight of animals, among other cargo, from race horses to birds.

Having constantly seen, shared, and posted desperate pleas on her Jaeger Cats group from emigrating South Africans looking to rehome their beloved family pets, Clair couldn’t understand how people could leave their pets behind and abscond from the responsibility they undertook when they got them. However when she learned the exorbitant costs some South African pet freight service providers were charging she understood why so many family animals were getting abandoned, left in shelters or euthanised. Teaming up with long-time friend Leeanne, they explored the growing need for affordable pet freight and thus Jaeger Pet Freight was established.

Since then Jaeger Pet Freight has helped many families get their pets abroad at manageable and affordable rates. Even with the challenges of COVID-19 where flights have been restricted, cancelled, borders closed and HARC congested – we have got pets reunited with their families worldwide.

Request a Quote from Jaeger Pet Freight

Email – freight@jaegercats.co.za with your contact details and pet/s information and proposed destination.

OR Phone / WhatsApp Leeanne directly on 082 326 9258.

Once you have accepted our quote (which is transparent and detailed) we will advise what you need to do, with our assistance, to get your pet/s “vet ready” to leave SA.

We all know that life happens while you are making plans, so in the unlikely event that your pet gets bumped off a flight, or your flight is before your pets’ flight, or you cannot get your pets to the vet, we'll do it for you and arrange emergency babysitting as and when necessary. Jaeger Pet Freight will be with you throughout the entire process and assist you every step of the way. We work closely with Brenda from The Cat Shack who boards all our cats for us while waiting either vet clearance or flight availability.  Dogs are normally boarded as per their owners choice of kennels.